2019 Reclamation Initiative


We are pleased to greet you and welcome you to ‘The Year of the Blue and White Family’! This is an exciting time for us as we embark on the last year of our Journey to Centennial and we would love for you to join us! Our 2019 Reclamation Campaign begins with a reclamation special of $100 on the National level!

Our theme for this year is the “Year of the Blue and White Family”, so there is no better time for you to return; no better place for you to be. As of June 30, 2018, 1,124 of our Sisters returned home. This year, the last year of our Journey to Centennial, our goal is to reclaim 3,000. Will you be in that number?

We are asking all returning Sorors to complete the Reclamation Survey. Your information will be sent to our reclamation email address, and we will personally assist you on your journey home to Zeta! In addition, Nationals will send you a letter, a reclamation banner for Facebook and Instagram and reclamation logo.


Reclamation Form