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Greetings from the Phenomenal Pacific Region!
Zakkiyyah N. Nazeeh, Pacific Regional Director

Greetings Esteemed Members of the Phenomenal Pacific Region!


It is a pleasure and honor to be greeting you on our Pacific Region website. Pictures tells a wonderful story of all of the great work our region is doing. I would ask you to take a few minutes and send pictures, articles, success stories, special events and accolades of your state, chapters, Youth, Amicae and members. Let’s show off the great work we are doing in the Phenomenal Pacific Region.


Showcasing what we do will show interested women we are about the “Work of Zeta” our website is a marketing tool that showed how successful we are providing services in our communities. If you so desire and have the skill to work on the web-team let me know.


My goals as your Regional Director is to be committed to the Pacific Region and to the members of this great Sisterhood by:

– Support the Reclamation of Our Sisters and Increase membership

– Promote Zeta Self-Care through Mind, Body and Spirit Activities

– Strengthen our Sisterhood Communication through Transparency

– Actively support our National Educational Foundation

– Increase Financial Gains through Regional Fundraisers and Corporate Sponsorship

– Cultivate and nurture the bond with our brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. particularly through 2019, The Year of the Blue and White Family


The excitement is high. We are 2 years from our Centennial! So please when your Centennial Representative reaches out to you respond quickly and get her the information she is requesting in a timely manner. We are going to be counted in 2020! Increasing membership is one of my goals, so let’s continue to “Make 5, Reclaim 5, 5 for the Founder’s every time you do MIP. We can reach 1000 members in the Pacific Region in time for our 100th celebration.


There are going to be a lot changes coming from both National Head Quarters and The Pacific Region. So get ready, set and go! This is going to be the best Sorority year the Phenomenal Pacific Region has seen.


Remember to Pray, have Patience and Persevere!


Soror Zakkiyyah N. Nazeeh

Pacific Regional Director