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Pacific Region Leadership
Dr. Stacie NC Grant, International President

Dr. Stacie NC Grant
25th International Presidentemail

S. Fuller 19th Pacific Reg Dir

Shonte` N. Fuller
19th Pacific Regional Directoremail

State Directors
Patricia Spencer Arizona

Patricia Spencer

Dr. Jilleane Beard-Archie

Dr. Jilleane Beard-Archie
Asian Pacificemail

Desiree St. Louis California (Northern)

Desiree St. Louis
California (Northern)email

Michelle Montgomery California (Southern)

Michelle Montgomery
California (Southern)email

LaRonda Ringold Coordinator for the State of Nevada

LaRonda Bates
State of Nevadaemail

LaTasha Johnson Hawaii New Mexico

LaTasha Johnson
Hawaii & New Mexicoemail

Wilhemina Proby Oregon & Idaho

Wilhemina Proby
Oregon & Idahoemail

Gwendolyn Ford Washington & Alaska

Gwendolyn Ford
Washington & Alaskaemail

Executive Board Officers
Dr. April Clay

Dr. April Clay

Natalie Brannon Immediate Past Pacific Regional Director

Natalie Brannon
Immediate Past Pacific Regional Director

Helaire Hamilton-Mitchell SECRETARY

Helaire Hamilton-Mitchell

Kendra Mathias TREASURER

Kendra Mathias

Dr. Annetta Clark

Dr. Annetta Clark
Financial Recording Secretary

Jessica Revere

Jessica Revere

Dr. Letitia Bradley
Regional Representative to the National Nominating Committee

Karlesha Van Holten

Karlesha Van Holten
Undergraduate Member-at-Large